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Beautiful compositions of band leader Simone Bollini characterize his last trio album. Simone Bollini's sensitive and creative way of running melodies through complex rhythms creates a charming atmosphere that takes the listener on a refreshing musical journey. The pianist shows how complex musical structures and the joy of experimenting can also be light-hearted and catchy. His compositions are supported by a strong dramaturgy that is not limited to a single song only, but accompanies the listener through the entire album Evening Colors”.


Sascha Schönhaus, April 2016

Jetfire Records (Switzerland)

Jazz pianist Simone Bollini is also playing as sideman in different projects, or in piano solo.

With the Nydegger Bollini Duo, Simone Bollini is playing jazz standards and own compositions with the jazz singer Andrea Nydegger.

Simone Bollini plays the piano in the jazz quintet “Compulsion” characterized by the unique combination of violin and trumpet of front men Adam Taubitz (v) and Marc Ullrich (tr). This band focuses on a repertoire based on hard bop tunes.

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