© 2019 by Simone Bollini  -  Basel, Switzerland

Jazz pianist


Compulsion Jazz Quintet

12.12.19  Bird's Eye Jazz Club, Basel

Adam Taubitz (v), Marc Ullrich (tr), Simone Bollini (p), Dominik Schürmann (b), Christoph Mohler (dr)

Basler BluesCompulsion
00:00 / 05:38

Swiss Film "Burnout" with original music by Simone Bollini

Simone Bollini composed the soundtrack for the Swiss movie "Burnout" coming out on 8th September 2019 at the Odeon Cinema in Brugg (CH).

"Lullaby" by Simone Bollini on Radio Swiss Jazz

Simone Bollini's composition from his first trio album "Evening Colors" with Roberto Koch on bass and Filippo Valnegri on drums is in the program of Radio Swiss Jazz.