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Simone Bollini is a jazz pianist based in Basel (Switzerland). His main activity is composing music and playing with the Simone Bollini Trio that recently released its first album “Evening Colors”. He also earned big experience as a sideman in different bands, studio sessions, theater projects, and as composer and pianist for film music. 

Simone Bollini is currently playing in the following projects in Switzerland, Germany and Italy:

- Jazzchor Freiburg

- Frech Bollini Heidepriem Trio

- Switalo Jazz Quartet

- Compulsion Jazz Quintet 

- Nydegger Bollini Duo

- Tiago Barros Quintet

- Jazzchor Basel


His musical education began in 1990 in Como (Italy) with the piano teacher Roger Robertson. After his first studies in classical piano music, he began to focus on jazz music.

From 1999 to 2002, Bollini attended the Musica Viva Jazz Workshops in Sondrio. From 2003 to 2008 he obtained a degree in piano jazz at the Civic School of Milan with Paolo Birro and Franco D'Andrea.

Before his career as a jazz musician, Bollini attended the Politecnico di Milano where he graduated with a Master degree in Sound Design and Engineering.

In August 2013 Bollini obtained the Master of Arts in Jazz piano at the Musik Akademie Basel, Jazzcampus.

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